Risvold’s Inc.

Homestyle Quality Salads Since 1937


                 In 1937, Risvold’s began its history in Santa Monica, California, by specializing in the production of homestyle salads, handmade daily with only the finest ingredients.  Risvold’s delivered fresh, made to order salads for a small customer base located in the Los Angeles basin.  The popularity and reputation of Risvold’s label grew at a steady rate, supporting the decisions for automation and plant relocation to a larger facility in 1973.

Risvold’s continued to grow by expanding its distribution through specialty distributors, dairies and produce companies.  Today, Risvold’s salads are distributed in the Western states by several full line distribution companies.  Risvold’s growth has been sparked by the development of new products and private label programs for regional accounts.  Risvold’s has managed its growth by reinvesting profits into plant improvements, which have recently increased the production capacity by more than 50% and through the recruitment of management personnel that can meet the company’s long term goals.

Risvold’s believes its customers and employees are its most valuable resources for continued success.  The marketing strategies will never sacrifice freshness, quality ingredients or customer service.  The management team of Risvold’s strives to maintain a perfect balance in its operations to meet the challenges that lie ahead.  We, at Risvold’s are proud of our performance over the last 86 years and look forward to maintain a leadership role into the future.

Wendy O’Neill